Green Art People needs YOU!

Volunteer Work Groups

Write us to find out how YOU can be a part of Green Art People!   Find out how you can help run:

  • Short Attention Span Theater
  • Art Supply Reuse Store
  • Local Archive Music Project
  • Green Art Productions
  • Growing Art People  (Children's program)
  • Green Action Team
Just write us a letter and let us know where you interests lie and we will send you an invite for the next meeting. Thank you!!

The Working Groups

Get in touch with any of the contacts listed to find out about how to get involved.

SAST Working Group

Contact: Lisbet Frey
Goals & Activities from Board
Last Agenda

Local Archive Music Project

Contact: Brion Shearer
Goals & Activities from Board
Last Agenda


All Programs

Growing Art People
Local Archive Music Project
Our Partners
Short Attention Span Theater
Upcycle Art Supplies

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Volunteer Working Groups

Finding GAP

Green Art People is nestled behind the little black building (marked 140), at the end of the alley. It's on the right hand side, right before you get to Johnny's Mexican Food!

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